Day of Mourning 2021


The enduring April 28th call to “Mourn the Dead; Fight for the Living” could not be more urgent on this National Day of Mourning.

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Solidarity Request

NDDLC delegate's daughter suffers life-altering medical event. Support required for family while she recovers.

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Morneau Endorsement Rejected

NDDLC statement regarding the endorsement of Morneau for OECD Secretary General

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Coal Strike Plaque

 NDDLC commemorates the Great Coal Strike of 1912-1914 in new plaque installation in downtown Nanaimo.

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Remembrance Day 2020

This year, the NDDLC honoured all those who have served our country in the military, police, and emergency services - many paying the ultimate price of losing their lives in our defense.

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