Election 2020

Your vote is going to make a huge difference. Do you want BC to continue on a path that values taking care of each other? Or do you want the province to favour American-style cuts, privatization and austerity?

The Nanaimo Duncan & District Labour Council (NDDLC) believes NDP Leader John Horgan and his party are on the right track. Their plan strengthens health care and our social safety net. And it's a plan that focuses on good jobs in a clean-energy future.

The NDDLC supports our central Island NDP candidates:

You are vital to ensuring BC stays on the right track. Volunteer on a campaign, donate if you can (every dollar helps), and – most importantly – please vote!

Canada has weathered the pandemic better than the United States because we all worked together. Now we need to keep sticking together and disaster-proof Canada for the future.

Help keep BC and the rest of the country moving forward together.

For information on how and where to vote, visit Elections BC or call 1-800-661-8683.